Sunflower is a group of menswear designers based out of Copenhagen, formed out of collective wish to create a wardrobe of well-designed pieces for men – a quest for simplicity and style. We are united by a reaction against constant newness, passing trends and endless drops.

    In February 2021, we proudly launch the Sunflower Jeans line of 3 different fits a total of 18 variants. We have made our jeans in the most sustainable way we can after extensive research, with the least impact on the environment. The styles and washes take inspiration from the vintage jeans we love from the 1990s, a little slouch in the fit, a slight blossoming in the leg.

    “We are deadly serious about Sunflower Jeans upholding a positive message for the environment. Jean production is traditionally very toxic in so many ways, and we worked hard to make ours as sustainably as possible. But when it came to the design, we dd not take ourselves seriously at all – it’s denim, it’s casual. So with the styling and washed we did a little homage to ’90s denim, all fun and super free.”

    .Ulrik Pedersen, founder


    .All Sunflower Jeans denim is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton sourced from Japan and Italy.

    .We developed the Italien denim with one of Italy’s oldest and most environmentally responsible mills.

    .The Japanese fabrics we developed with a mill in Japan that has provided the world with some of the best denim for over 40 years.

    .The production and denim washing is done at a family-owned factory in Ancona, Italy.

    .The washing uses environmentally friendly treatments to minimise energy, water consumption and the use of chemicals.

    .Buttons and rivets are made from OEKO-TEX certified recycled metals with low impact finishing.

    .All labels are 100% recycled polyester and paper.